Dewalt DW713 Review – Cutting Perfection For Amateurs And Professionals

If the cutting of miter joints is your type of work, then there can be rare comparisons with the Dewalt DW713 compound miter saw.

This compound miter saw is provided with almost all the niceties of a good miter saw and makes the cutting of the joints at precise angles accurate and perfect.

There are no jagged edges or the final chipped off blow as the saw hones the surface into perfection as it progresses with the cutting.

Without going into complicated details, it would be worthwhile if one goes along the Dewalt DW713 Review comments from the users of the saw.

Professionals would undoubtedly find that the saw is exceptional as it provides for cutting angles tilting to a fantastic 45 degrees at both sides. The tilting of the angles is supported by bevel stops, which can be screwed to hold the blade in place while the saw is functioning.

There are convenient bevel stops from 0 to 45 degrees and a few more inches beyond the 45 degrees can be extracted with a careful tilting further to the left or the right.

Check out this great video:

The Dewalt DW713 Review statistics show that most users are concerned about the safety of the bevel technology and the accidental sliding off during high-speed cutting jobs.

The saw seems to be doing an excellent job as far as these safety features are concerned.

The bevel stops are rock solid and the blade casing is so aligned that it would be very unlikely to allow any contact with the blade while the saw is in operation. However, in spite of all precautions, it would always be better to be very attentive and careful in the use of the saw.

The saw is good as a home tool and for those who have small home businesses of manufacturing picture frames, pipe bends, and molding. Red Brewer at The Best Scrollsaw did a great article about cutting crown molding with a miter saw. It’s worth checking out!

Picture frames require the accurate jointing of the opposite faces of the wooden frames and they fit in accurately without any further polishing required to give it a natural finish.

Good sides:

  • Quiet
  • Accurate
  • Durable
  • Good hand holds
  • Smooth adjustments from side to side
  • Fast cutting

Apart from the cutting technology and the bevel angles, the saw comes packed in a strong box and unpacking does not involve rocket science. Just lift the handle and slide the Dewalt DW713 out and you are done.

The down-to-earth uncomplicated mechanism of the Dewalt DW713 makes it possible for anyone with a liking for power tools to use the saw as smoothly as ever.

Some even go further and say that the blade performance is exceptional – cutting like pressing a knife through soft butter. It is easy on the hands too and there is no vibration at all. You can use the saw with no worries about the performance.