DeWalt DW718 Review

Should you require a precise cutting in the middle of a wooden board, there is none other than the Dewalt DW718 that can do the job with accuracy and perfection. 

The Dewalt DW718 Review comes with a bigger blade and a bigger base. You can now perform bigger cutting operations and sawing through thicker boards with the Dewalt DW718.

 It has excellent bevel adjustment features, the miter leveling is perfect and the angles are exceptional. At various tilts with superb bevel stops, you get real value for money. 

The fact is the Dewalt DW718 does not require the strength of steel to see through the sawing job. It is easy on the hands and just a little pressure from the blade handles is enough to deliver the desired cutting or sawing results.

The most positive feature of the Dewalt DW718 is that it covers up the blade so perfectly and so precisely that your cutting board does not get overlapped with the protective casing around the blade. This means there is no high-speed friction with the cutting base and the only thing that actually stays in contact is the blade.

Larger blocks of wood are easy to handle and all that you to do is to power the machine. Unlike manual cutting where there is a lot of manual work involved, this saw completely does away with the manual efforts. There are no complicated angular workings as such to be done on paper. Everything is provided in the saw itself. 

Professionals needing the use of a saw can largely depend on Dewalt DW718 as per the general opinion that any Dewalt DW718 Review would suggest. The work of the saw is further enhanced with the heavy-duty motor that can take on any job and run effortlessly for unusually long hours.

You can adjust the board clamps effortlessly and they literally ‘bite’ down the board while the cutting is taking place. The two thick gauge screw fasteners or clamps can ensure that not only the board is in place but they also add to the aesthetic beauty of the product. 

You can fix the Dewalt DW718 to the table that comes as an add-on accessory and do bigger cutting jobs with ease.

While a DW718 Review said that the product was just about everything that covered sawing and machining through the sawed ends together there were a number of reviews appreciating the efficiency and the power saving features of the saw. 

There have been no reported complaints from any of the users as regard the broad features of the saw. The upkeep and maintenance of the saw never required anything beyond 15 minutes, which included complete overhauling of the system and de-dusting of the saw. 

This makes it all the more comfortable in using the saw.

Pricing has been the only deterrent for prospective buyers of the saw and most of the add-on products that can be bought are considered things, which the manufacturer could have included in the product itself. Apart from this, there are no other areas of concern for the Dewalt DW718.