Makita LS1013 Dual Slide Compound 10-inch Miter Saw Review

After doing lots of researching, I came up with perfect miter saw – Makita LS1013 Dual Slide Compound 10-inch Miter Saw. It definitely is top level quality miter saw available on the market today.

The saw can do everything you want and besides that – it has VERY reasonable price.

This model has sliding miter saw. It can be used just like regular miter saw, however, the sliding option makes it able to cut through wider and thicker materials.

Everybody who’s had problems with that will know how handy that comes when you’ve got wide materials to cut through.

What are the good sides of Makita LS1013 Sliding Compound Miter Saw?

  • electric brake – it’s great for protection because it immediately stops the blade in case of emergency
  • accuracy – Workbench Magazine tested this saw, and came to conclusion that it does perfect bevels, miters and compound cuts
  • dust bag – this miter saw collects dust better than any other model
  • fluorescent light for easier and more accurate cutting
  • overall quality

What can you use it for?

  • crown molding
  • base molding
  • door casing
  • window casing
  • cabinet trim molding
  • chair rails
  • custom shelf installation
  • constructing parts for existing cabinets